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Check out our Nirvana Dokha range!

Nirvana flavoured dokha is an absolute game changer created by the folks over at Fruity flavoured dokha blends for everyone to enjoy!

Luxury leather pouches in stock!

Made in the UK leather pouches are now in stock! Head over to our accessories page!


The three Dokha MUST HAVE items!

1. YR Tip Cotton ONLY Filters These are an absolute must have in your pouch. They allow the smoke to flow nicely through the filter whilst providing enough cotton to catch tar on the way through! The stylish design is just a bonus! 2. Gold Label Warm Gold Label has...

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Real Bio Pipes? Watch out for FAKES!

The most popular filters used for Medwakh products are Bio Pipe's, this is likely to do with their availability and price as nowadays we have access to much better filters that are perhaps more aesthetically pleasing and more utile. You may find that you get bits of...

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Masters of Medwakh – Europe’s finest Dokha vendor

Our Medwakh (Midwakh) Pipes are hand crafted pipes used solely for the smoking of Dokha tobacco. Our Medwakh pipes come in many different shapes and sizes. Ranging from 3 inches upwards, these pipes can be crafted from wood, metal, stone, and other precious materials. We are proud to provide the very best Medwakh pipes in the UK & EU. We  provide an elegant and effortless smoking experience. Medwakh pipes have been used for centuries, originating from the Middle East, today, they  can be found amongst the possessions of the rich and poor throughout the world.

You can buy our Dokha and Medwakh Pipes online through our website. We are based in London, offering Medwakh pipes for sale in the United Kingdom and the rest of the World.  We are passionate about Dokha and have sourced the finest blends, Medwakh’s and Smoking Accessories. Although our Dokha is accessible to UK and international customers, certain countries may have heavy restrictions on importing tobacco, any import duties to be paid must be paid by the purchaser of the product. All our products are UK DUTY PAID.

All of our Dokha blends are regularly enjoyed by our own staff, if your new to smoking Dokha or require any advice or assistance about anything, our London Medwakh Pipe & Dokha experts are happy to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We can help you with which blend will be best for you,  browse our site and information pages to learn more.

Medwakh Pipes and Dokha Tobacco for Sale

Your search for places to buy Medwakh Tobacco in the UK ends with us. We have an entire range of medwakh pipes and dokha tobacco for sale in London and across the United Kingdom. We bring you some of the worlds most sought after blends and smoking accessories. All our products are enjoyed by our customers from around the country and are sourced from authentic Middle Eastern suppliers. This means that you get access to the best, unadulterated and purest tobacco.

Call us and we’ll help you select the best Middle Eastern tobacco products, that are perfect for you.

18+ ONLY 

*International orders outside of the UK may be subject to charges. These charges and duties are the responsibility of the recipient to pay. It is extremely difficult for us to calculate each and every countries duty amounts when importing from the UK, we therefore recommend you visit your appropriate countries customs website for more information on Tobacco duties.

What is Dokha?

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