At Masters of Medwakh we seek to supply the UK and EU with nothing but the finest Dokha blends. We have established strong relationships with some of the worlds most recognised and well established brands to ensure the quality of our tobacco will always be grade A.

Our Dokha is sourced from Oman & Iran and our Medwakh’s are made in a variety of countries worldwide. We have the largest variety of dokha blends outside of the Middle East & USA, providing our customers with a wide range of flavour profiles.



Masters of Medwakh

Our house blends are peer selected to ensure that we only supply the finest smoke for our customers. We pick and choose every blend and never compromise quality.

Our products are manufactured in the UK & USA and meet regulatory standards on packaging in the UK.

Masters of Medwakh continues to seek new, innovative solutions to common issues among the dokha smoking community, we are active in the biggest groups for Dokha smoking ( etc.) which alongside customer feedback enables us to¬†offer¬†solutions to their issues and if their isn’t a viable solution, we’ll be the first ones to find one!


Gold Label

Our best selling blend, Gold Label has been developed for our long term customers that are used to strong tobacco notes.






Nirvana Dokha

Nirvana Dokha is the worlds largest flavoured dokha brand. We currently stock six of their flavours. Enjoy shisha? Give them a try! See which one will give you that extra buzz.



Something Girlie Dokha


Got anymore questions about our products? Feel free to shoot us an email!