What’s been going on at MOM?

We’ve been working hard to diversify our product offering, this has lead to us introducing new dokha blends in May. These will be added to the website & delivered to our stockists! New medwakh pipes will be popping up over the next few weeks to keep your eyes peeled to see our latest range of design and material combinations. Filters wise we will be discontinuing Bin Essa Filters due to supply issues & will be introducing new filters over the next few months.

35% Discount

Due to new regulations we will no longer be able to offer any discounts or promotions on products. Sadly the days of 35% off are limited, so please try and use your cards before 21st May 2017. As always, just send a picture of your cards to sales@mastersofmedwakh.com and we will process your unique dokha discount code!

Our Email Issues

Some customers have had issues contacting us by email. Our email host has an extremely strict spam filter which seems to be listing many legitimate emails as Spam. We’ve had customers contact us and we’ve taken them off the blacklist. If you’re having issues contacting us, please use our alternative email mastersofmedwakh@gmail.com.

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