Hey guys!

A little March update from MOM HQ. We now have robust metal pipe cleaners, designed specifically for medwakhs now on the website. We have also begun stocking Classic pipes instead of Standard pipes as the quality difference and finish is much better on the Classic pipes. Furthermore we have the introduction of several new blends, Grey Wizard, Smaugs Breath and Morning Enjoyment, these will be released online and in future will be available at selected retail outlets that stock our products in the UK. March has also been the month of the Denitip as that’s all that we’ve had in stock, but hopefully it’s given a few of you a chance to try a different filtration system, this shortage of Bio Pipes was unforeseen and they will return in stock on the 14th of April. Celestial Shisha Enhancer has now changed name to Nirvana Shisha Booster, this will be changed when the rebranded bottles arrive.

Thank you for your continued support and happy smokes!

Smaugs Breath Dokha Red Leather Medwakh Pouch Nick's Tor-Mint Dokha Medwakh

Denitip BlackPipeCleanerMOM ClassicMedPicTemp

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