The most popular filters used for Medwakh products are Bio Pipe’s, this is likely to do with their availability and price as nowadays we have access to much better filters that are perhaps more aesthetically pleasing and more utile. You may find that you get bits of Dokha in your mouth and are forever trying to work out how they’ve fallen apart in your pocket, but at least they do the job.

As with any success story, the replica factories decided to replicate the original Tokai Bio Pipes and reproduce them in China. We stumbled across this issue and investigated it further. It turns out that Bio Pipes are still being manufactured in Japan and we’ve managed to ensure that we only sell the original BP’s – that’s the good news! The bad news is that 90% of other vendors we’ve checked out are selling Chinese copies – this includes shops ranging from small independents to massive retailers. We want to show you guys the difference so you know yourselves and you can call out anyone selling you nasty copies made with different plastics and filter fibres which are unknown to the end user and may have diverse effects.

Another reason to always choose Masters of Medwakh!

Here is a picture of the two packets.


Left being FAKE and Right being ORIGINAL

Real VS Fake

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