The Masters Medwakh


Note: These pipes are MADE TO ORDER, therefore it may take up to 2 weeks for you to receive your pipe. 

This beautifully crafted medwakh is now available to the public.

Why is this medwakh different?

We have developed this medwakh to smoke smoother than any other medwakh on the market. Unlike other briarwood medwakh’s sold for less money, these are made with ONLY grade A briarwood (substantially more expensive) which is notoriously difficult to make pipes from. It takes many years of experience to be able to work with these materials, even the mouth tip is sanded and polished by hand and every medwakh is unique. Every Masters Medwakh comes with a certificate of authenticity and a presentation box.

Why does it take up to 2 weeks?

The Masters Medwakh takes over 12 hours of manual labour to produce and your pipe may not be the only one in the pipeline. An accurate lead time is about 5 business days although we state 2 weeks just in case we’re particularly busy producing others.

This Medwakh uses 9mm charcoal filters which are available in all good tobacconists worldwide.

Crafted by hand in England (UK)

Hand Crafted in England




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