YR G-55 (Now 18g!) – Warm – Masters of Medwakh Dokha

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NOW 18g!

The original, famous G-55 blend. This is considered to be a ‘Warm’ blend.

This product contains Nicotine. 

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18+ ONLY 

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3 reviews for YR G-55 (Now 18g!) – Warm – Masters of Medwakh Dokha

  1. Jesper

    This blend is by far the finest blend I have ever smoked. It is so thin that takes away that possible awful taste that some blends give and is so easy to inhale. The smell is better then most aswell. Note that I have smoked a lot in the UAE by this was by far the thinnest and finest blend. It is said to be Warm but I think I would rate it as medium as the buzz factor is a little too low. I don’t get buzzed from this but I am used to Hot so maybe that is why. But there is not much negative to say about it as it is so easily smoked and leaves you feeling better then before you smoked it.

  2. Jesper

    This is by far the finest blend I have ever smoked (Note that I have smoked a lot in the UAE itself). It is so thin and fine that is easily smoked by everyone who would smoke it. The after taste is much better then most blends and the smell is minimal. However I would rate it Medium rather than Warm as the buzz factor is very low. But then again I am used to Hot so it is no surprise I get no buzz from this one. All and all a fantastic blend that leaves you feeling better after you smoke it.

  3. Talal

    G-55 is a very nice bit of warm Dokha, it gives a very nice buzz.
    Morning buzz is absolutely awesome but just an advice for G-55 smokers when you wake up and have your morning buzz try to take a sip of any juice or chew a fruit flavored gum before you smoke so it doesn’t burn your throat in the morning.
    Enjoy Guys!

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